The healthy way: Banana Pancakes


I’ve always liked pancakes since I was young. In Holland you’ve ‘pannenkoeken’: flatter and bigger pancakes which are also eaten as dinner. All around the world pancakes are known and it’s popular breakfast-choice. Of course it sounds delicious to have a plate with a  pile of pancakes, topped off with butter and maple syrup, but there’re also pancakes that are more healthy. And these banana pancakes are an example of the healthy pancakes. You only need two simple ingredients: eggs and bananas and you can add whatever you like.

This is how you make the pancakes:

Step one : Get your ingredients. The amount of eggs and bananas depend on how many pancakes you’d like. For every banana you also need an egg. ( I used two bananas and two eggs and I got five small pancakes. )


Step two: Mash the bananas


Step threeSeparate the egg whites and the yolk and beat the egg whites.

2 3

Step fourMix the egg whites, yolk and mashed banana. Add extra ingredients if you like. I added some pecans and dark chocolate.

Step five : Heat some butter in a pan and bake the pancakes!

Step six: Decorate the pancakes with for example some blueberries, quark, chocolate chips or whatever you want! 



(The pancakes look so dark because of the dark chocolate)

Bon Appetit!

Love, Laura

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